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December 17th, 2013              

    Jayden performed in her school's Christmas musical this year, and she did an outstanding job. Despite not getting the speaking part that she desired, she sang her heart out the whole time. She did get a part on stage as well, as she got to hold a heart with the word "Caring" on it when the kids sang about the meaning of Christmas. We are very proud of Jayden and her performance, and of all of the kids who participated. Great job Jay!

Jayden's School Christmas Musical

Jayden smiled when she spotted her cheering section as she walked in the gym.

Jayden giving a shy smile for another picture.

Jay situated in her spot on the top of the risers.

Jay and her classmates performing a song.

Jay smiling after the song was over.

Jayden singing her heart out!

Jay with another shy smile.

Jay snapping her fingers along with the song.

Jay licking her lips.

Jayden on stage with her "Caring" heart.

A look at Jay and her classmates on stage with their hearts.

Jay singing while holding her heart.

Jay giving Dad the evil eye... "Stop taking pictures!" was most likely the thought running through her mind!

Jayden and her classmates raising their arms for the final song.

Jayden had fun, but she was relieved when it was over!


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