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September 14th, 2013              

    Jayden's fall soccer season got off to a roaring start on Saturday, September 14th, with a 6-4 victory. Jayden is excited to be playing with two of her best friends, Erin and Jessica. Although Jessica was sick today, Erin made her presence felt with 5 goals. Jay started out the game in goal (she takes after her sister, after all) and did a great job. She stopped every kick that came her way, and even did a good job with her positioning. She then moved to offense for the second quarter (the games are played in quarters to give the coaches a natural stopping point to change the kids positions), and she had had a couple of good shots - one that would certainly have ended up in the back of the net if the grass had been cut in recent weeks, her teammate wound up kicking it the last few inches for an easy goal. It was her turn to sit for the third quarter of the game before returning to play defense in the fourth quarter. Overall it was a great way to start the year, and she is already looking forward to game #2!

Game 1 - at U8 Team #3

Jayden was team captain today, and got to go speak to the referee before the game.

Jay started out playing goal today.

Jay scooping up one of her many saves.

Jay throwing the ball out to her teammates after making a save (they are allowed to drop-kick the ball, which is what the older kids do, but they haven't spent much time practicing that skill yet).

Jay grabbing another shot.

Jay watching the action take place at the other end of the field.

Jay making another save in front of an opposing player.

Jayden running to the corner to throw the ball out after making a save.

Jay scooping up another shot.

Jayden looking for an open teammate to pass to.

Jayden dribbling the ball over the midfield line.

Another shot of Jay moving downfield.

Jay trying to knock the ball away from an opponent.

Jay moving towards the goal once again.

Jayden waiting on the sidelines near her coach during her turn to take a break.

Jayden looking to get the ball from the goal keeper.

Jay trying to block a kick from an opposing player.

Jay kicking the ball once again.


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