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September 21st, 2013              

    Once again Tara & I were able to attend Jayden's game. This time I need to take a moment to thank my parents for taking the pictures and for cheering Jayden on.

    Like last game, I don't have a lot of detail about this game, except to say that Jayden's team lost by a score of 13-3, primarily because one girl dominated the ball for the other team, never passing or playing a position other than offense. What I can say is that is not the way that AYSO soccer is meant to be played.

Game 3 - at U8 Team #2

Jayden and her teammates heading out onto the field.

Jay playing defense on an opposing player.

Jay playing good defense once again.

Jay racing down the field after the ball.

Jay deflecting a pass between two opposing players.

Jayden dribbling the ball.

Another shot of Jay dribbling the soccer ball down the field.


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