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October 26th, 2013              

    Today's game represented the final game of Jayden's fall session of AYSO soccer. She apparently saved her best for last, however, as she was all over the field today! She scored two goals today, one in the second quarter and one in the fourth (not counting one that was disallowed in the second quarter after the opposing coach started yelling at the poor young referee about our player - not Jayden - knocking the ball away from his goalkeeper). She also spent a quarter in goal, and despite allowing one goal made quite a few saves to help keep her team in the lead. By the time the game was over (and the other coach was done complaining - what a butthead he was today), Jayden and her teammates had secured a 4-2 victory. Go Grizzlies! Grrrrrr!

Game 8 - at U8 Team #4

Jayden running around the field during pregame warm-ups.

Jay kicking the ball away from her defender.

Jay passing the ball to her teammate.

Jay driving towards the goal with the ball.

Jay walking towards midfield after her team had scored a goal.

Jay kicking the ball into the net for her first goal of the game.

Jayden making a save while playing goalkeeper.

Jay getting ready to throw the ball out to an open teammate.

Jay making another save.

Jay throwing the ball to a teammate once again.

Jay with another save...

...and another.

Jay lining up the throw...

...and following through.

Jay dribbling the ball around the defense.

Jay with the ball in her offensive zone.

Jay lining up the shot that resulted in her second goal today...

...and getting her foot on the ball.

Jay making a move around a defender.

Jay kicking the ball down the field.

Jay dribbling through the opposing team.

Jay doing a sideline throw as the opposing coach looks on.


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