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July 14th, 2013              

    While hosting a garage sale at my parents house with my sister Erica and her husband Dwayne during the weekend of July 12th-14th, we were briefly joined by the children of my first cousins, Angie and her husband Dan, and Troy and his wife Rebecca. We managed to get all of the second cousins together for a few photographs before they returned home. Enjoy this photo, as these opportunities don't happen often!

Kids & Cousins

In the back row... Braden, Lindsey, Tyler, Samantha, Marissa, and Donovan. In the front row... Melanie, Nicholas, Drew, and Jayden.

A close-up of all the kids together.

In addition to the kids mentioned above, we are hosting a foreign exchange student for the month of July. Carlos is in this picture to the far right.


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