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June 9th, 2013              

    After checking out of the motel and grabbing some breakfast, we headed off to take the Pierce Stocking Scenic Drive in the Sleeping Bear National Lakeshore. It had been a few years since Tara & I were here, so we wanted to check it out once again. Aside from some noticeable changes at the 450' drop stop, everything looked the same!

Pierce Stocking Scenic Drive

A look out across the countryside at Little and Big Glen Lake.

Tara and Becky posing for a picture in front of the lakes.

A look at the famous sleeping bear.

The crowd enjoying the sand dunes.

Tara and Rodney posing for a photo together.

A look down the 450' drop at the people playing on the beach and trying to make their way back up.

A couple of kayakers out enjoying the water along the shore.

A look south at the shore.

A look north at the shore.

A look at the sand dunes.

Another sand dune photo.

A closer look at the people on the shore and those trying to make their way back to the top.

    After we went on the scenic drive, Jeff & Becky and Tara & I went our separate ways. While Jeff & Becky had some errands that they wanted to do before heading home to pick up their kids, Tara wanted to head to the Mission Point Lighthouse. The water level is much lower than we remembered, but everything else looked pretty much the same. Much warmer than when we were here last in February, however!

Mission Point Light

Tara making her way onto the beach.

A cairn that someone had built in the now empty part of the lake bed.

A look out across the lake bed.

A look back at the Mission Point Lighthouse.

A swan swimming in the bay.

An airplane flying towards the lighthouse.

A closer look at the plane as it turns away from shore.

Two swans swimming in the bay.

The swans passing each other.

Tara making her way back towards the lighthouse.

A look out from the lighthouse steps.


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