Maroon 5 Concert

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    Late last year Samantha came to us asking to go to the Maroon 5 concert that was coming to the Palace of Auburn Hills. We told her it was too expensive, but if she was willing to accept the tickets as a birthday present that we could take her. So, on February 14th (Valentine's Day!) Tara & I took Samantha and her friend Maya to see the show. The concert started at 7:30pm with an opening by Owl City (of Fireflies fame). Once his set was over, there was a 30 minute break to swap out the equipment and whatnot on stage. At 8:30pm Neon Trees (Everybody Talks...) came out for a set, even doing a mean rendition of "Don't You Want Me?" by The Human League. They finished their set at 9:00pm, and then it was time for another 30 minute set change. Finally, at 9:30pm the reason we came arrived, and all of the girls in the arena screeched at the top of their lungs. The show was actually a lot better than I expected, and their stage was awesome. Sam and Maya had all kinds of fun - I don't think that this is an experience that either of them will be forgetting soon.

    Happy early Birthday, Sammie! We hope you enjoyed your first concert!

Maroon 5 Concert

Owl City performing during the opening act.

Maya and Samantha did their best to let all of their friends know where they were via text!

Owl City asked for people to turn on their cell phones to represent the "Fireflies" as he sang that song.

Time for a break!

Neon Trees was the next act to perform.

Maya and Sam enjoying the show.

Maya and Sam showing off their new Maroon 5 t-shirts that they bought.

Sam is always the jokester - here she is giving Maya a crown.

Finally, the main act - Maroon 5!

Adam Levine, the lead singer, is the reason that 99% of the ladies were in attendance tonight.

The people watching was AMAZING! Check out all of the people on their cell phones while the show is taking place right in front of them!

Loved their stage!

Sam and Maya thought the disco balls were very cool!

As was the laser light show!

Another shot of the light show.

The stage set up for another song.

All five members of Maroon 5.

And another stage setup.

More light show.

Another picture of the light show.

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