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September 28th, 2013              

    Drew was invited to the birthday party of a classmate, and was excited to go. He was even more excited once he found out that the party would be taking place at an archery training center. As expected, Drew had his ups and downs with shooting a bow and arrow. He occasionally missed the target, but for the most part did pretty well. During one of the "games" the kids were blindfolded and asked to shoot at a mark on a turkey target (pin-the-tail on the turkey, if you will). Drew was by far the closest of anyone in the group, hitting the target within 1/2". Unfortunately for him it was a team game, and his partner missed the target completely, so they did not win any prizes for his close shot. Overall he had a lot of fun, as did the rest of his friends and classmates who were in attendance.

Rising Phoenix Archery

Drew looking back as his target partner gets ready to shoot.

Drew taking aim at the target.

Drew ready to fire another arrow at the target.

Another picture of Drew lining up a shot.

Drew getting ready to take his blindfolded shot at the turkey target.


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