Samantha's 6th Grade Graduation

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June 7th, 2013              

    Samantha's elementary school held their 6th grade graduation ceremony at the school on Friday, June 7th. The kids walked into the gym to the applause of the family and friends in the audience. Once they were seated, we were able to listen to speeches given by their soon to be principal, as well as the principal that they are leaving behind. Samantha was given her certificate of completion, as well as certificates for the many clubs that she has participated in this school year (SCAPE, Girls on the Run, and Safety Patrol among them). After the ceremony we headed to the cafeteria to enjoy donuts and beverages with the students. It was here where Sam presented the teachers with a class photo purchased with money raised by the students (an initiative led by Sam that also included a surprise party for the teachers earlier in the week). All in all it was a great way to end the school year. I can honestly say that Tara & I aren't quite ready for her to be heading to middle school, but she sure is! Congratulations Samantha!

6th Grade Graduation

Samantha walking into the gym with her classmates.

Mr. Inhulsen, the school principle.

The sixth grade teachers, Ms. Whitman and Mrs. McDowell, talking about the students.

Samantha making her way to the stage to pick up her certificates.

Sam on stage.

Sam with the rest of her classmates on stage.

Samantha giving a speech presenting the class pictures to the teachers with two of her friends, Maya and Mariah.

Samantha presenting a picture to Mr. Gibson, a math teacher.

Sam and her friends with their teacher, Mrs. McDowell.

Mrs. McDowell giving the girls a thank-you hug.

Sammie with two of her friends, Mariah and Lexie.

Sam and her classmates (and teachers) doing a group dance.

Samantha with her proud parents, Rodney & Tara.


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