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May 4th, 2013              

    Samantha's played a game against another Holly team on the Holly Little League's Opening Day, so I was able to attend what might be my only game of the year. At least I got to see a victory! The play from both teams was somewhat erratic, which I guess is to be expected considering how many practices had to be missed due to rain this season. Sam misplayed a couple of balls in the field, but she made up for it by fielding a grounder and throwing the runner out at first. She was hitless today (unless you count the time she got plunked by a pitch on the back), but she did make contact a couple of times. Unfortunately the other team was able to field her hit and throw her out at first. She ran the bases well, but was tagged out at home after being sent on a passed ball. She was extremely proud of her slide on the play, however... "My first real slide!" was how she termed it. Despite giving up some runs in the final inning, the Rays were able to hold on for a 12-10 victory, their first of the season.

Game 2 - at Holly Reds

Samantha batting at the beginning of the game. She has her form down already!

She also has the duck for cover move down as the ball sails right over her.

Sam looking for her first hit of the season.

Sam made contact on this ball, but hit it to the pitcher who was able to throw her out at first base.

After sitting an inning on the bench, Sammie played her first inning (maybe since T-ball) in center field.

Sam batting once again.

Sam swinging, still aiming for a hit.

Sam later was walked to first base.

Sam sat another inning on the bench, and then moved to her usual position at second base.

Sam at second base once again.

Sam walked back to her position after the Reds player stole second base.

Sam got on base later in the game after getting plunked on the back by a pitch. She wasn't too thrilled by that!

Sam wound up on third base, and on a passed ball...

...was sent home on an attempted steal, where she was tagged out.

She was very proud of her slide, however!


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