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May 9th, 2013              

    Once again I do not have much information to share, as I was stuck at work while the game between the Holly Rays and the Linden 1 team was being played. I did get the final score, which was a 7-4 defeat for the Rays. While they haven't pulled out a victory against a non-Holly team yet, they are at least narrowing the gap. Victory will come soon, I can feel it!

Game 4 - at Linden 1

Samantha looking over her bat prior to heading out to face the pitcher for the first time.

Sam swinging at a pitch.

Sam listening to the coach while playing with a baseball on the bench.

Sam keeping a close eye on the ball as it makes it's way to the catcher.

Sammie and her teammates giving the opposing team high-fives after the game.


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