Samantha's Field Day

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May 24th, 2013              

    While the lower grades in the elementary school had their field day last week, the upper grades held theirs on Friday, May 24th. Instead of holding the event at the Karl Richter Campus as they have in the past, this year they held the field day right at the school. This year marks the last of Samantha's field days, and she was determined to make the best of it and have fun throughout the day. I think she succeeded in that regard, as she earned a 4th place ribbon in the first long distance run of the day, and quickly followed that up with a 2nd place in a relay race (missing out on first place by just a few steps). While she didn't get a ribbon for every event she participated in (limbo, anyone?), she still managed to enjoy the activities. She did earn ribbons in the events that were most important to her - including the softball throw (2nd place, missed tying for first by 1foot!) and the soccer dribble relay event (1st place). Overall it was a great day for Sam - one that I am sure she will remember for a long time!

Samantha's Field Day

Samantha running the first distance race of the day... she eventually placed 4th.

Sam did her best trying to stay warm while wearing only shorts and a t-shirt/sweatshirt combo in the 45 degree weather.

Sam waiting for the baton in the relay race...

...a mistimed handoff slowed Sam up a bit...

...but she eventually pulled way ahead before starting to coast a bit...

...and wound up even when it was her turn to hand off the baton.

During a break in the action (the other classes were doing their relay events) some of the kids passed the time by playing leapfrog. Sam is on the ground waiting for another girl to jump over her in this photo.

Sam starting the leap through the line of her friends.

Another picture of Sam making her way through the line.

After leapfrog it was time for a friendly game of Red Rover, Red Rover against the boys. Here Sam and the rest of the girls are doing their best to stop a boy from breaking through...

...and this time they managed to hold on!

The girls decided not to even try to stop the boys this time, and Sam and her friends thought that was quite funny!

Sam and her friend Lexie walking together.

Sam giving her best effort at the limbo contest.

Sam was determined to secure 1st place in the softball throwing competition.

She got two throws...

...but unfortunately she fell 1-foot shy of the 1st place ribbon.

Sam and her team did their best in the sack race...

...including giving each other encouragement along the way.

Sam and one of her opponents trying to fill their glasses with water during the water relay race.

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