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December 17th, 2013              

    There isn't much to say about today's game, as the Lady Bronchos had it handed to them in all aspects of the game today. Of the three matches, none of them were close, with Holly losing all three. Like the rest of her team, Samantha didn't have her best game - especially serving. She was probably batting 50% on her serves, which is probably typical. This team loses point after point after point with their poor serving. I know that in the long run the overhand serve will benefit them, but in the short term it is costing them. Sam played decent in the court today, but overall it was a disappointing effort from everyone.

Game 10 - at Brandon Middle School

Samantha lobbing the ball up... drive it over the net on the serve.

Sam preparing to serve once again.

Sam had a weary look on her face... for good reason it turned out.

Sam setting up her teammates.

Sam serving once again.

Another serve for Sam.

Sam getting ready to bump the ball...

...and let her teammates do the rest.

Samantha and her teammate didn't call each other off properly on this ball. Thankfully they managed to hit the ball to their teammates and not injure each other.

Sam lobbing up the serve...

...hitting it hard...

...and watching it sail over the net.

A nice shot of Samantha setting the ball...

...and waiting for her teammates to hit it over the net.

Another set for Sam.

For the first time all season, Samantha was subbed out of the game. She sat as Brandon scored the final three points of the match.


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