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November 18th, 2013              

    Things started out ugly for the Bronchos today, as the Fenton Tigers held serve for nearly the first half of game 1 today, and things never really improved as the games played out. Samantha's team struggled in all aspects of their play today, and it resulted in them losing all three of the games that they played. While they managed to make the final two games somewhat more respectable than the first, they were never really in position to steal a victory. Sam played so-so today, with some good plays mixed in with some bad, like most of her teammates. She had some good serves, but then the occasional stinker as well. Same with her play in the field, as some of her hits were quite good, but then others sailed out of bounds (or on to the ductwork above the court, where the fans were almost certain the ball had become stuck before it finally rolled back down to earth). It also seems as though a few girls a very into the competition and the game, while others are there just to be seen in their uniform. I can tell that this is wearing on Sam and a couple of her more competitive teammates. Hopefully the other girls will come around as the season wears on...

Game 3 - vs. Andrew G. Schmidt Middle School

Samantha tried to spike this ball, but it wound up coming back to her side of the court.

Sam bumping the ball over the net.

Sam lining up a serve...

...before tossing the ball into the air...

...and driving it over the net.

Sam bumping the ball once again.

Sam preparing to make another serve...

...before driving the ball over the net.

Another one of Sam's serves.

Sam watching as her teammates hit the ball.

Sam going after the ball.

Sam hitting the ball over the net.

Sam and her teammates in the handshake line after the game.


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