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November 20th, 2013              

    I am still trying to figure out all of volleyball's nuances, so as I do please forgive my short game descriptions.

    Samantha's team travelled to Lapeer's Rolland-Warner Middle School for today's game, and things looked as it was going to be another tough matchup for the Bronchos girls. While I couldn't clearly see the scoreboard where it was positioned, I do know that the first game wasn't close as Lapeer built an early lead and never really looked back. The second and third game were both close, competitive games. Unfortunately for the Bronchos, they fell in both games, but not before taking each to a tie-breaker. Game 2 was tied at 26 apiece before Lapeer sealed the deal, and the final game ended at 26-24. All this despite giving up points by serving overhand (the girls are allowed to serve underhand at this age, and several teams that we have played have taken advantage of that rule... our coach believes that teaching the girls to serve correctly now will pay off in the long run, and while it is frustrating watching the girls lose because of this I agree with her approach). Sam continues to do well, mixing in good and bad like all of the girls. She had some nice plays today along with some nice serves, and she had some mis-hits along with some serves that came up short. All in all the girls are progressing, and I believe that all of their hard work will pay off for them before the season ends.

Game 4 - at Rolland-Warner Middle School

Samantha and her teammates stretching prior to the start of their game.

Sam tossing the ball up in the air for a serve...

...and then hitting it towards the net.

A closer look at one of Sam's serves.

Sam tapping the ball over the net.

Sam bumping the ball.

Sam keeping her eye on the ball.

Sam getting ready to hit the ball over the net.

Sam setting the ball up for a teammate.

Sam tossing the ball into the air before...

...hitting it for the serve...

...and watching it go over the net.

Samantha hitting the ball over the net once again.

Another shot of Sam setting up her teammates for a shot.


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