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December 6th, 2013              

    Samantha and her Lady Bronchos teammates returned to the volleyball court for the third time this week, this time to face the team from Lapeer Zemmer. I have to admit up front that I wasn't feeling the greatest during this game, as seasonal allergies seem to have hit me hard this year. Because of that, I don't have a lot of exciting commentary to add about the action today (as if I ever do!). I can say that Samantha had a much better game today that in her last two, as she served better today and she hit the ball more consistently on the court. This isn't to say she was perfect - nobody on her team was, as they all had the occasional bad serve or missed a setup along the way - but it was much better. While the girls lost the first set, they stormed back to win the second. Unfortunately, despite taking a lead in the third set, they were unable to seal the deal and lost the match 2-1.

Game 7 - vs. Zemmer Middle School

Samantha looking on as the game is about to get underway.

Sam driving the ball over the net.

Sam lobbing the ball into the air...

...and serving it over the net.

Another of Sam's serves heading towards the net.

Sam setting the ball for her teammates to hit over the net.

Samantha making another serve attempt.

Samantha lining up another serve attempt...

...and hitting it over the net.

Sam setting the ball up for her teammates to drive over the net once again.

Sam setting the ball up from the back row...

...and watching as hit heads upward.


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