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December 10th, 2013              

    I was only able to attend a portion of today's match between the Lady Bronchos and the Kearsley Hornets (Tyler's basketball team was playing at the Kearsley High School at the same time today), so I do not have a ton to say about the action on the court. I do know that Samantha and her teammates lost all three sets today, and while their serves are gradually getting better their play on the court is still hit or miss. There is only a few games left to straighten it all out, and I am hoping that they find a way to finish the season strong!

Game 8 - at Kearsley Armstrong Middle School

Samantha and her teammates watching as the ball comes towards their side of the net.

Sam setting the ball for her teammates.

Sam watching the direction of her set.

Sam lobbing the ball into the air...

...before driving the ball over the net on the serve.

Sam getting ready... hit the ball over the net.

Sam preparing to hit the ball...

...over the net once again.


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