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December 11th, 2013              

    I hate to admit this, but exhaustion is really starting to catch up to me. I was physically at Samantha's volleyball match against Swartz Creek, but mentally I wasn't entirely there. I do know that the girls didn't look good in losing the first set, and I was convinced that they were going to face defeat once again today. They began to prove me wrong, however, rallying to win the second set by a couple of points. They came out strong in the third set, and wound up winning going away, giving them a 2-1 come from behind match victory! Samantha played well for the most part. She looked good on a majority of her serves and her play on the court was generally strong. She had a couple of balls get away from her, as did most of the girls at one point or another, but overall it was a good match for not only her but the rest of the Lady Bronchos as well.

Game 9 - vs. Swartz Creek Middle School

Samantha had something on her mind prior to the start of the today's game.

Sam leaping up...

...and knocking the ball over the net.

Sam lining up for the serve...

...and hitting the ball squarely.

Sam reaching up to block a shot.

Sam soaring high into the air to knock the ball over the net...

...and watching to see where it falls.

Sam lining up another serve...

...and driving it towards the net.

Samantha and her teammates congratulating Swartz Creek on a job well done.


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