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December 28th, 2013              

    We decided to take advantage of a "free" afternoon by heading to the Toboggan Hill park in Davison after Drew's hockey practice today. As usual the kids had a lot of fun, as did Tara & I. It wasn't until later that the "fun" began to catch up to me in the form of pain, but it was absolutely worth it in the moment!

Toboggan Hill Sledding

Rodney crouching down after giving Samantha and Jayden a push down the hill.

Sam (green coat) and Jay (pink pants) at the bottom of the hill after wiping out.

Jay beginning the long walk up the hill.

Tyler rolling over.

Drew fixing his gloves after his crash.

Sam and Jay after another trip down the hill.

Jay and Sam smiling for the camera.

Rodney making his way down the hill...

...and towards the woods...

...where he celebrated his long distance ride!

Rod, Drew, Tyler, Jay, and Sam making their way back up the hill.

Rod had to make a detour to pick up a lost hat.

Tyler, Jay, and Sam making the trek up.

A look at Drew, Tyler, Jay, and Sam slowly walking up the hill.

Rod carrying an extra hat and his sled.

Look closely and you can see the top of Rodney's head in the center of the photo.

Rod going down the hill with Drew in the front of the sled.

Rod and Drew coming to a stop.

Tyler getting up while Drew and Rod look on.

A look at Toboggan Hill from the top.

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