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May 11th, 2013              

    This was supposed to be a family trip to Comerica Park to watch the Detroit Tigers take on the Cleveland Indians, but when we learned that Samantha was to play in a soccer tournament at the same time as the baseball game, our plans had to change a little bit. Tara still took Tyler, Drew, and Jayden, while Jerry & Gail took the seats intended for Sam and I. The kids went on to the field for a pre-game clinic with some of the coaches and players before the game got underway. Unfortunately it was cold and rainy here, just like it was for Sam and I at the soccer fields - not to mention that the Tigers lost the game despite an attempted rally late. The kids had fun, but were grating on Tara's last nerve by the end of the night, and they wound up leaving an inning early. Hopefully next year when we get tickets we won't have a conflict and we can enjoy the game as a family!

Detroit Tigers Baseball Game

One of the Tigers coaches on the field during the pre-game clinic.

Another Tigers coach standing alongside Andy Dirks, an outfielder for the team.

A close up of Andy Dirks.

The scoreboard denoting where the kids were at.

Jayden (freezing without her coat) and Drew standing on the field after the clinic.

Another shot of Jay and Drew on the field.

The Detroit Tigers team took photos (that you could purchase, of course). Here is Jayden and Tara posing for a picture.

Another look at Jay and Tara. Happy Mother's Day, a day early!


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