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    Although the season was already underway, Tyler heard that the JV soccer team could still use some players. Despite not playing a soccer game since 2007, he decided to contact the coach and see if it was possible for him to join the team. Sure enough, the coach said yes, giving Tyler a sudden activity to participate in this fall! Tyler went to one practice before playing in his first two games. I am not sure what the record was before Tyler joined them, but I am listing the record below only since he started playing. So far Tyler is doing his best to get back up to speed on the soccer nuances, and he seems to be enjoying himself. We'll see how the season goes from here on out! Good luck Tyler!

  • Banquet - Go here to see a group photo from the 2013 HHS soccer banquet.

Flint Metro League JV Soccer - Holly Bronchos



Location Time Result Score Record
  Sep 18 Game 1 - at Clio High School Clio 6:00pm L 3-0 0-1
  Sep 19 Game 2 - at Clarkston High School Clarkston 5:30pm L 8-0 0-2
  Sep 23 Game 3 - vs. Goodrich High School Holly 5:00pm L 8-0 0-3
  Sep 25 Game 4 - vs. Cranbrook Kingswood Holly 5:00pm W 3-0 1-3
  Sep 26 Game 5 - at Flint Powers Flint 6:00pm L 7-0 1-4
  Oct 02 Game 6 - at Brandon High School Brandon 5:00pm L 5-1 1-5
  Oct 03 Game 7 - at Stoney Creek High School Stoney Crk. 5:00pm L 8-0 1-6
  Oct 07 Game 8 - vs. Lapeer East High School Holly 5:00pm L 2-0 1-7
  Oct 08 Game 9 - vs. Linden High School Holly 5:00pm L 8-0 1-8
  Oct 10 Game 10 - vs. Oxford High School Holly 5:00pm      


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