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October 2nd, 2013              

    I was unable to attend today's game, but Tara was there, and this was the only picture that she managed to take. She told me that Tyler has some nice offense today, but that he really didn't get too many chances to touch the ball as it stayed primarily in the defensive half of the field. I got a few score updates along the way, and while it wasn't good news for the Bronchos, they did manage to avoid being shut out today. Unfortunately things got a little chippy today... and not between the two teams. Our goal keeper wasn't too happy with the defense in front of him from what I understand. Of course, of the 5 goals that Brandon managed to score, one of them was an own-goal by the Bronchos. Were it not for that, the game may have been 4-1 instead of the final score of 5-1 that it wound up being.

Game 6 - at Brandon High School

Tyler near the center circle as he watches his defense work down the field.


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