Drew's 9th Birthday

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January 23rd, 2014              

    We had a pretty busy day on Drew's birthday, with him have hockey practice, Tyler having a basketball game, and Sam having both goalkeeper training and soccer practice. It wouldn't be our lives if these events didn't cover nearly the entire evening - starting at 4:00pm and running until 7:00pm. Once everyone returned home for the evening around 8:00pm we managed to squeeze in a small birthday celebration for Drew with cupcakes and his presents. We would have had a candle for him to blow out while we sang "Happy Birthday" to him, but apparently somebody used the lighter and never put it back... thankfully he was very understanding about everything being a rush tonight. He was quite pleased with all of his presents, but is looking forward to his birthday party with his friends in the coming weeks (whenever we can find time to squeeze it into our schedule!).

Drew's 9th Birthday

Drew smiling for a picture with his birthday cupcake.

Drew liked the present from his Grandpa Gary & Grandma Terry.

Drew was also very excited with the presents that his mom handed him from the family.

Drew checking out his first gift - a Lego auto transporter.

Drew's next present was a Lego flatbed wrecker.

Drew liked his new Lego camper as well!


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