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January 4th, 2014              

    For two periods it seemed as though the Storm team had things figured out. They managed to hold the opposition, the USA Patriots, to 3 goals while also getting a few opportunities to score themselves. All this against a team that beat them 13-0 just a couple weeks earlier. Things were really looking interesting when the Storm team netted a goal early in the third period to make it a 3-1 game. It was then that the Patriots coaches really started yelling at their kids and things fell apart for ours. From then on it was all Patriots, as they scored 6 unanswered goals, most of which were on rebounds (a couple were just flat-out good shots). The final 9-1 score really wasn't indicative of how well the kids played today.

    Drew played reasonably well today, but as he is caught from behind on almost every breakaway he gets it becomes clear that he needs to work on his conditioning and skating before next season gets underway. He did get a shot or two on goal today, and was in prime position for a rebound goal had the puck bounced the right way one other time. Like I said, not a bad day, for Drew or the team.

Game 16 - vs. USA Patriots

Drew lining up a pass to a teammate during warm-ups.

Drew and his teammates listening to the coaches before the start of the game.

Drew knocking the puck away from an opposing player as he attempts a shot.

Drew watching as his teammate battles for the puck.

Drew skating into the zone as a battle for the puck occurs.

Drew skating along the blue line.

A close-up of Drew.

Drew skating with possession of the puck...

...and firing off a long range shot.

Drew in front of a wide open net, looking for a rebound.

The final score was a 9-1 defeat for the Storm team.


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