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January 12th, 2014              

    There isn't a whole lot of positive spin to put on today's game. The kids came out flat right from the start, and never seemed to puck up any steam as the game wore on. The only reason the score wasn't worse than the 9-0 defeat that the team suffered was because the opposing team slowed their attack and worked on passing for the second 2 periods. Drew played ok today, but he still needs to work on his speed and puck handling. Maybe you can enjoy the pictures more than I enjoyed the game...

Game 17 - at Lansing Senators

Drew skating across the ice during the pregame warm-ups.

Drew fighting through a crowd while chasing after the puck.

Drew lined up for a faceoff.

Drew looking to corral the puck along the boards.

Drew moving into position to help get the puck out of the zone.

Drew looking at the puck after a faceoff.

Drew trying to use his reach to get to a loose puck.

Drew moving down the ice with an opposing player.

Drew knocking the puck down along the boards.

Drew using his positioning to knock an opposing player off the puck.

Drew in position outside the faceoff circle.

Drew chasing after the puck.

Drew racing towards the puck...

...and fighting off two opposing players in the process.

Drew having fun on the ice.

Drew firing the puck past an opponent.

The final score was a 9-0 defeat, despite what the scoreboard said.

Drew and his teammates lined up for the postgame handshakes.

Drew shaking hands with the opposing goalie.


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