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January 26th, 2014              

    Because of sporting event conflict today I was unable to attend the game, which is a shame because from what I was told by Tara it was a physical contest throughout. The Storm played the Royals once before, on a night we were without a goalie. It seemed as though a contest between these two teams would be close if we had a player in net, so today's rematch was certainly one to look forward to. Unfortunately it wasn't as close as I'd hope, as the Storm lost by a score of 6-1 (according to Tara - the team website says 7-1). The big story from the game was all of the pushing and shoving (and punching) that took place. During the game the Redford team continually hit our goalie with their sticks after he made a save (particularly when he had his glove on the ice, covering the puck) as they tried to knock the puck lose and into our net. The kids on the Storm team have become annoyed with this tactic, and defended their goalie by pushing the Royals players out of the net. After the game was over there was a few players from each team on the ice, and from what I was told a Redford player pushed one of our boys, who responded with a punch. I'm not sure what will come of it, but this is what happens when the referees don't take control of the game...

    Drew played another strong game today, carrying over his effort from yesterday. He did manage to pick up his first penalty of the season, getting called for checking - though both he and Tara said it was a very weak call (he took longer to get up than the kid he "hit", but that kid got up crying). After coming out of the penalty box he nearly scored a goal, but he just couldn't quite connect.

Game 18 - vs. Redford Royals

Drew in front of the net, looking for a rebound to knock in.

Drew lined up for a faceoff.

Drew moving in towards the puck on a faceoff.

Drew looking to move the puck along the boards.

Drew watching the action unfold in front of the net on defense.

Drew protecting the blue line.


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