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March 8th, 2014              

    While the second game of the Pepsi Challenge started out close and then got away from the Storm, this game started in the exact opposite manner. The Storm looked extremely sluggish at the opening faceoff, and surrendered four quick and way too easy goals, all within the first five minutes of action. From there on out the remainder of the game was what one would expect from a hockey game - back and forth action with some good goaltending on each end and some quality play by everyone involved. After giving up those early goals, the Storm held the Flags scoreless for the second period before finally giving up one last goal late in the third. Like he has all weekend, Drew played extremely well today. Despite picking up a penalty for high sticking, he provided a spark for the team, got a couple of quality scoring chances, and was all over the ice pressuring the puck and making a few steals along the way.

    Regardless of the outcome of today's game and the entire season, Tara & I are extremely proud of Drew and all that he has accomplished this season. We are looking forward to bigger and better things next season and beyond!

Game 3 - vs. Port Huron Flags

Drew circling around the ice during pregame warm-ups.

A close-up of Drew as he skates across the ice.

During their final trip across the ice during warm-ups, Drew and his teammates tap the glass with their sticks. Drew was looking right at us as he performed this ritual for a final time with this particular '04 Storm team.

Drew (with his nametag removed so he could hang onto it as a keepsake) and his teammates listening to the coaches before the game.

Drew skating across the ice as the game is on...

Drew lined up on the circle during a faceoff.

Drew clearing the puck from his zone along the boards.

Drew chasing down the puck while fending off an opposing player.

Drew taking a long shot on goal with two players keeping track of him.

Drew standing in front of the net, waiting for a pass.

Drew looking to make a move from the wing...

...before skating towards the middle of the ice.

Drew and his teammates racing after the puck.

Drew moving the puck along the boards.

Drew in the center of the battle for the puck.

Drew "gently" removing the opposing player from the puck.

Drew chasing after the puck in his offensive zone...

...before challenging an opposing player...

...and getting a two minute minor penalty for high sticking.

Drew and his teammate in the penalty box.

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