Year-End Celebration

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March 15th, 2014              

    Drew's hockey team celebrated the end of the their first season together by having dinner together and playing around in the pool at the Lapeer Community Center. Each of the players received some kind words from the coach as well as a goodie bag of items that can be used to hone their skills over the summer. Although it was a tough year for the team overall, each of the players came a long way over the course of the season. Watching Drew play in the last couple of games of the Pepsi Tournament and looking back at his first few games... wow, what a difference. Tara & I are really looking forward to seeing him progress over the rest of his hockey career! Congratulations of your first season of travel hockey Drew!

'04 Storm Year-End Celebration

Tyler jumping off the diving board into the pool.

Samantha, Drew, and Tyler playing in the pool.

Jayden walking near the kiddie slide.

Sam jumping off the diving board.

Tyler taking another turn jumping into the pool.

Jay swimming around the pool.

Jay making her way to the shallow end of the pool.

Jay getting splashed with water from above.

Jay standing in a downpour of water.

Drew and Tyler messing around with the water spouts.

Sam and Tyler in line for the slide.

Jay coming down the slide...

...and splashing into the pool.

Sam plugging her nose as she nears the pool.

Tyler was dancing as he made is way down the slide...

...before splashing into the pool.

Tyler posing for a picture.

Drew getting splashed with water.

Drew playing around with the water.

Drew and his teammates turning on and off the water splashing down from above.

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