Game 11

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December 7th, 2014              

    This is the fourth time these two teams have matched up this year - once during the preseason, once during the tournament in Sault Ste. Marie, and twice during the regular season. During those four contests, Drew and his Lapeer Storm teammates have been outscored by a total of 67-1. Not exactly close contests. Needless to say that there wasn't exactly a lot of broken hearts knowing that this was the final meeting between the two teams. Considering that the goalie for today's game had never played in net, they didn't actually do too badly. Drew had a couple of breakaway opportunities, but was caught from behind (this Saginaw team might be the fastest they have faced this year). He did get a couple of shots on goal, but he never really had any serious scoring opportunities. The end result today was a 14-0 defeat, with nobody on the team playing their best game.

Game 11 - at Saginaw Badgers

Drew challenging a Badgers player for the puck...

...and knocking it away.

Drew moving the puck deeper into the zone.

Drew lining up a long distance shot...

...and firing away on goal.

Drew back helping out on defense.

Drew and his teammates on the bench watching the action on the ice.

Drew circling around the ice, watching the play.

Drew breaking away from the opposition.

The scoreboard showed 6-0, but the end result was a 14-0 final score.

Drew making his way through the postgame handshake line.


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