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October 11th, 2014              

    Once again the '05 Lapeer Storm team got off to a good starting, as (for the first time in my admittedly poor memory) they grabbed a 1-0 lead and hung on to it for nearly 6 minutes of game time. Once the Northstars found the back of the goal, it was as if the floodgates opened on the Storm, however, as they couldn't slow down the opposition at all from that point on. The remainder of the game was all Midland, as the 17-1 score indicates. Another frustrating game to watch, so much so that I couldn't take it any more and had to watch what was left of the third period from the lobby as the Midland team kept pouring it on. On the bright side for Drew, he wasn't on the ice for the vast majority of the oppositions scoring, and he did have a couple of breakaway opportunities in his return to the right wing position that he is most familiar with...

Game 2 - vs. Midland Northstars

Drew started today's game at right wing.

Drew and his offensive teammates getting some direction from the coach.

Drew lined up in position during a faceoff.

Drew doing his best to knock away the puck from an opposing skater.

Drew using his body to hold on to the puck while fighting off an opposing player.

Drew coming across to knock the puck away from a smaller skater.

Drew battling for the puck along the boards.

Drew gaining control of the puck along the boards.

Once again Drew is fighting for the puck along the boards.

Drew skating through center ice as a defensemen closes in on him.

Drew trying to move the puck along the boards.

Drew lined up for another faceoff.

Drew did a nice job of moving the puck down the ice, sliding it between this player's stick and skates...

...before picking it back up and heading down the ice.

Drew skating to the bench for a line change.

Drew knocking the puck off an opponents stick.

Drew skating down the ice during a stoppage in play.

Drew skating with the puck around the referee.

Drew watching as the game clock winds down.

The final score of today's contest was 17-1.

A close look at Drew and his teammates as they make their way through the post-game handshake line.

Another look at Drew and his teammates going through the post-game handshake line.


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