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November 8th, 2014              

    After losing to the Michigan Jaguars 8-3 at the Boo in the Soo tournament, the parents, coaches, and players all thought that we stood a chance against them in the regular season rematch. The previous game was truly closer than what the score indicated, so everyone was really looking forward to today's game. The game did indeed live up to it's billing, as the Storm team did their best to battle hard and control the puck. They fell behind early, but came back to tie the score. In fact, every time a goal was given up they had an answer. It took some time, and we were biting our nails up until the final buzzer, but the finally managed to do something other than lose a game! It wasn't the victory that we wanted, but it was a 5-5 tie, and that was just as good for a team that has struggled since being formed. WAY TO GO STORM!!!

    The only thing that soured the tie was the behavior of the opposing team's parents, and one guy in particular. His non-stop yelling of "Let's Go Jaguars" followed up by the same thing in two different languages was annoying to our parents as well as to our players. No matter the situation, this guy was doing his chant, which was followed up by other parents stomping their feet and ringing cowbells. I understand excitement, but this isn't the pros or college or even upper level travel. Let's relax and let the kids on both teams have fun. These kids are only 9 years old... let them enjoy the game for goodness sake!

Game 6 - vs. Michigan Jaguars

Drew trying to get the puck out of a crowd after a faceoff.

Drew going into the corner for the puck.

Drew passing the puck out from along the boards.

Drew with the puck looking to make a pass...

...and firing it towards the crease.

Drew skating along the boards with an opposing player in a race to the puck.

Drew standing in front of the net, looking for a pass.

Drew taking a pass from a teammate...

...and holding off an opposing player...

...while lining up a shot...

...and firing away.

Drew gaining control of the puck along the boards...

...and preparing to skate towards the goal.

Drew challenging an opposing player for the puck.

Drew holding the puck in at the blue line.

Drew got a little lazy skating late in the game and wound up being called for tripping (along with a teammate on the same play). Fortunately his teammates did a masterful job on the 5-on-3 penalty kill and didn't allow a goal.

Drew moving the puck along the boards amongst a crowd of players.

The final score was a 5-5 tie - the closest the Storm team has come to a victory since being formed in the spring.

Drew and his teammates going through the handshake line for the first time without suffering defeat.


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