Game 8

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November 21st, 2014              

    Earlier this week Drew came out of practice to inform me that he would be starting the starting goalie for the game on Friday. I was a bit surprised, as he had only played in goal once before it was obvious that it wasn't his strong suit. Nonetheless, he was very excited about his opportunity in net, though it made both Tara and I extremely nervous. The nerves only got worse once the big day arrived and Drew was standing on the ice in his goalie gear. Once the game got underway and he had a few saves under his belt we all began to settle down just a little bit. He wound up allowing 6 goals on the night, which isn't bad considering that they have allowed more than 10 goals 5 times already this season. Not to mention this team beat the Saginaw Badgers team that has won their previous contests against us by a combined score of 53-1. Drew's biggest struggles came on the shots the came in fast along the ice. He did a good job of stopping the high shots, but he didn't find himself going down to the ice quick enough to stop the low ones. All in all it was a good game, and Drew had fun taking his turn in net. Here's hoping that this isn't a regular occurrence, though!

Game 8 - vs. Mt. Clemens Timberwolves

Drew heading to the goal as his coaches wrap up their speech prior to the start of the game.

Drew getting into position in front of the net.

Drew watching the puck move along the boards.

Drew down on his legs making a save.

Drew reaching into the air in an attempt to grab a high shot.

Drew watching as a faceoff occurs to his right.

Drew stopping a shot and finding the puck at this feet.

Drew diving down to lay on the puck for another save.

Drew getting ready as the action heads his way.

Drew down on the ice for another save.

Drew watching his defense skate with the puck in his zone.

Drew reaching out for the puck as it lays in front of him...

...and getting his glove on it as other players arrive.

Drew poking the puck away with his stick.

Drew watching as the puck heads towards him.

Drew and his teammates getting a pep talk during intermission.

Drew keeping an eye on the action to his right.

Drew snagging a shot to his midsection.

Drew watching another shot in as he holds on to it.

Drew going down to the ice to cover up the puck.

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