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April 18th, 2014              

    Although the end result of the first game for the '05 Storm had the same result as all of the games for the '04 Storm last season, this one had a different feel to it. First, you could tell that the teams (both ours and the opposition) were a little nervous and less prepared than the competition we were facing as '04's. Second, this '05 team skated side by side with the team from Allen Park all night, and there wasn't a feeling that the game was going to be out of hand in the first period like so many of the '04 games were. Enough about the past, on to this team... Even though there were a few mistakes, they played well for the most part. Drew was put in a position (defense) that he never played before, and he made a couple of passes that I wish he had back, but for the most part he did ok there. He controlled the puck a lot in both the offensive and defensive zones, though he didn't get any shots on goal. Overall it was a good first game for all involved!

Spring Game 1 - at 2005 Allen Park

Drew lined up on defense to start today's game.

Drew moving from his defensive position as the pucks heads down the ice.

Drew skating hard after the puck.

Drew circling around the blue line while keeping an eye on the action.

Drew gathering in the puck along the boards...

...knocking it between an opponents legs...

...and heading up ice with it.

Drew beating an opposing player to the puck.

Drew moving the puck along the boards.

Drew knocking the puck along the boards.

Drew skating with the puck out of his defensive zone.

Drew reaching in with his stick to knock the puck away.

Drew gaining control of the puck in front of an opposing player.

Drew skating with the puck through the neutral zone.

Drew with the puck in the corner.

Drew trying to hold off an opposing player while controlling the puck.

Drew back in his defensive position.

Drew and his defensive line mate on the bench with one of their coaches.

Although there was still 1:15 left on the game clock, the ice time was at zero with the final score showing a 5-2 defeat for the Storm.

Drew (at the back of the line) and his teammates going through the post-game handshake line.


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