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April 27th, 2014              

    I wasn't able to attend today's game for the '05 Storm, but Tara went and was able to provide these pictures for me. She told be the kids played pretty well overall, and although they lost today's battle, they were able to narrow the margin of defeat by three goals, losing this game by 4-1 score.

Spring Game 4 - at 2005 Port Huron Flags

Drew going for the puck at the red line.

Drew carrying the puck into the corner.

Drew listening to the referee before a faceoff.

Drew keeping an eye on the puck while skating through the middle of the ice.

Drew reaching for the puck in the faceoff circle.

Drew lined up for a faceoff.

Drew circling around as his teammate gains control of the puck.

Drew back-checking an opposing player and knocking the puck away.

Drew getting some instruction between shifts.

Drew skating towards the puck.

Drew heading to the bench for a shift change.

Drew carrying the puck up the ice.

Drew and a bunch of players during a stoppage after the net came off it's moorings.

Drew lined up for a faceoff.

Drew firing a cross-ice pass.

Drew skating to the blue line with the puck.

Drew  carrying the puck across center ice.

Drew looking to make a pass along the boards.

Drew turning around with the puck.

Drew battling for the puck in the corner.

Drew with control of the puck.

After the game concluded there was some extra ice time available. The coaches agreed to let the kids participate in a shootout. Drew managed to score two goals in the extra time. Here he is on one of the attempts.


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