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June 2nd, 2014              

    I did my best to take pictures today, but it was difficult for a number of reasons. First, it was pouring rain for the vast majority of the game. Second, because I had the big umbrella with me, I was asked to keep score. Basically, it became very difficult for me to hold up an umbrella, keep score with one hand (while also keeping the scorebook dry), and take pictures with the other hand. I did manage to get a few usable photos, so they are posted here.

    The league webmaster did a wonderful write-up on tonight's game, so I will leave it to him to explain:

    "Holly (Field C) -- With rain threatening to wash out the game, the Athletics and Dodgers were in for a wet night of baseball. Thankfully the field held up through all the water and allowed the teams to complete their game. It was a back and forth contest and even though the spectators were drenched, they got to see a good game.

    The Athletics were the first team to take the field and they started off the contest with Joseph Irvin taking the mound. The rain caused him to get off to a slow start as he walked Nick Gramer to let the leadoff batter on the bases, but Joe was able to grind through the weather to come back to strike out the next batter he saw. It was impressive pitching considering how much rain was falling and Joe was dealing strikes to the opposition, but the Dodgers were looking to swing and were able to connect. Gavin Lowe and Michael Kittl both hit line drive, RBI singles back through the infield to put the Dodgers on the board first. Irvin was able to gather himself getting the next batter to ground into a fielder's choice, but Trevor Brown was able to drive 1 more run in with the 3rd RBI single of the inning for the Dodgers. Irvin was able to induce a pop-fly to get himself out of the inning.

    With the rain really starting to get heavy, the Dodgers sent Michael Kittl out to the mound to start the game for them. The Athletics were ready to face the hard throwing right hander and try to cut the Dodgers lead. The A's first batter, Gage Cohoon, was able to draw a walk as Mikey was struggling with his control in the downpour. Mikey's struggles continued as he let the first 5 A's reach base without a hit. The rain soaked balls were hard to grip but Mikey tried his best as the slippery baseballs continued to cause him issues. Kittl continued to find his pitch, but in the end was only able to record 2 strikeouts before the A's were able to hit the 5 run limit for the inning.

    Now with a 2 run lead to work with, Joe Irvin went back to work in the 2nd inning for the Athletics. But the control issues Kittl was having for the Dodgers, became the same problem for Irvin as he walked the first three batters. With Joe's pitch count getting close to his limit, the A's went to Billy LaBadie to try to battle through the rain. But with the rain continuing, it took a couple batters before Billy was able to find his control. By the time he did, Mikey Kittl was back up to bat with the bases loaded. Billy delivered a great pitch, but Mikey was able to connect for his second single of the game to right field which cleared the bases scoring all 3 runners and bringing the Dodgers to their 5 run limit.

    The good news for the A's was that the rain was starting to subside, but the bad news was that they were now looking at a 3 run deficit once again. The Dodgers were also sending Nick Gramer to the mound to try to keep the score where it was. Gramer started off like every other pitcher in the game giving up a walk to the first batter, but the he was able to locate his command and record two quick outs. But Nick wasn't able to get past Matthew Creasey who was able to hit a 2 run single back up the middle. Gramer was able to record a strikeout to the next batter to get them out of the inning, but the A's were able to scratch back and just trailed by a run going into the 3rd.

    With sun starting to peek through the clouds to the west, the weather started to look like it was going to turn. Billy LaBadie went back to the mound for the A's and found his rhythm. He allowed only one walk in the inning, while striking out the side firing up his team as they came up to bat only trailing by one.

    Nick Gramer took the ball once again for the Dodgers and he started strong as he was able to induce a weak grounder from the first batter. After walks to Alex Bladzik and Charlie Curtis, the drama was starting to build as the go ahead run was now on base and the A's top of the line-up coming to the plate. Gage Cohoon was able to deliver the big hit when his team needed it, and a run scoring single that scooted just past the first basemen's outstretched glove. But with some solid defense, the Dodgers were able to minimize the damage and force the final out by getting a runner moving to 3rd.

    Now with a tie score, the sun finally appearing on the field, and time running out, the 4th inning would be the deciding frame as Billy LaBadie came out for his 3rd inning of work on the mound for the A's. LaBadie continued to throw strikes, but the Dodgers were ready for him as the first two batters, Adam Booher and Drew Peters, both connected on singles. After a walk to Aiden Campbell to load the bases, Billy got back to work and struck out the next batter. But the next batter for the Dodgers, Tevin Landwerlen, was able to work his plate appearance into a walk to bring home the go ahead run. Gavin Lowe was then back up to bat and was able to find a pitch for another RBI single to keep the pressure on the A's.

    Needing a new pitcher after Billy's nice outing due to his pitch count, the A's turned to Matthew Creasey. Creasey had the tough task of coming into the game with bases loaded and the Dodgers heart of their line-up coming up to bat. But Matthew was ready to go and didn't shy down from the job in front of him. The first batter he faced hit s very soft grounder back to the pitcher who threw the ball home for the force at the plate, but in a very close call, the catcher dropped the ball as he was moving for the plate and the runner was safe at home. Unfazed by the play, Matthew went back to work and was able to get the next batter to hit into a fielder's choice and then finished off the Dodgers with a strikeout.

    Down to their last at bats, the A's were still pumped and ready to win. They'd need a big inning but they were still in the game. The Dodgers decided to keep going to Nick Gramer on the mound as he was pitching a great game so far. Jordan Compton was the first Athletic to bat, and he started off good with a solid single to get a runner on base. Nick kept his composure however, and was able to navigate his way out of trouble with a great play by his center fielder, Deshawn Willis, when he gunned down Jordan with a perfectly thrown ball while he was trying to advance to 3rd base. Joe Irvin was next to bat and kept the hits going with another single. Gramer was able to get the next batter on strikes and the A's were down to their last out. Anthony Guldi strode to the plate and trying to keep his team alive, was able to drive an RBI single to keep the game going. But that was all the A's were going to be able to muster as the next hitter lined a shot back to toward first base for the final out of the game. The Dodgers ended up beating the Athletics 12-9 in a rained soaked game with lots of action. Great game by both teams on a day where the weather was hard to play through. Congrats to the Dodgers on their 4th win to keep their record at .500 for the season."

Game 10 - at Athletics

Drew started today's game playing third base.

Drew showed bunt during his first at-bat.

Although Drew managed to get a piece of this bunt attempt, it wound up going straight to the backstop.

Drew wound up watching as the wet ball bounced near his ankles.

Drew was ready to get a big hit, but he had to settle for a walk instead.

Drew got a good pitch to hit during his second at-bat...

...stroking one to the outfield for a long single.

Drew managed to find himself on third base after a steal and a couple mistakes by the A's.

Drew finished the game at his usual second base position.

Drew watching the throw as it heads towards his glove.


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