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June 6th, 2014              

    Drew's team faced off against the first place Mets in tonight's contest, a team that has beaten them by a combined 20-2 score. The Dodgers came out ready to play tonight, keeping the score close through the first few innings. The Mets put a few runs on the board late in the game to take a 4 run lead, and things were looking dire for the Dodgers. Drew managed a walk in the final frame after making contact with the ball but popping out in his first at-bat. He eventually came around to score, narrowing the gap as his team attempted to come back. Although the inning ended before they could manage to grab the lead, the highlight was a swinging bunt that was overthrown at first and resulted in the batter coming around to score the tying run. This has to be the shortest "little league home run" I have ever seen! The game was called due to the time limit at that point, but coming back was just as good as a victory to the kids on the Dodgers team!

    For the first time Drew was moved to first base tonight - because he had sunglasses and the normal first baseman did not - and he performed quite well there. He did not get many throws that came his way while in the field, but he did snag a hot line drive in the first inning. He made it look like it was a commonplace play, but the ball went from the bat to his glove quick! I was thrilled and amazed that he caught it!

Game 11 - vs. Mets

Drew manning first base early in the game.

Drew swinging and missing in his first at-bat.

Drew was looking for a big hit tonight...

...but his first shot was a popup to the right side of the infield.

Drew watching his popup go high into the air...

...before heading back to his bench.

Drew on first base with a runner at his side.

Drew watching as hit pitcher throws a strike.

Drew holding off swinging at a ball that was low and outside.

Drew still looking for a base hit.

Drew heading to first base after being issued a walk.

Drew adjusting his gear after reaching first base.

Drew listening to the third base coach after stealing second base.

Drew rounding third while coming home to score in the final inning.


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