Game 12

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June 9th, 2014              


    Drew and his teammates faced off against the Athletics, a team that has played them tough all year long. Today's game was no different, as the two teams played back and forth baseball throughout the whole contest, with the Dodgers finally coming out on top with a 13-10 victory. Drew walked twice today, getting an RBI and scoring a run in the process.

Game 12 - vs. Athletics

Drew playing in the field at second base.

Drew watching a ball come in high and inside.

Drew looking for an opportunity to get a hit.

Drew heading to first base after being walked.

Drew standing on first base after being walked.

Drew racing towards second...

...before successfully stealing the base.

Drew heading towards third...

...before making it standing up for his second steal of the game.

Drew listening to his coach while on third base.

Drew back in the field at second base.

Drew watching another pitch come near him during his second at-bat.

Drew was really looking forward to getting a base hit.

Drew got walked once again, this time driving in a run.

Drew standing on second base.

Drew eventually found himself on third base.

Drew came home to score on another walk.

Drew finished out the game in the field at second base...

...where he started to make a move for the ball...

...before realizing that it wasn't necessary.


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