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June 13th, 2014              


    Drew and his teammates had a tough challenge in front of them today, facing one of the better teams in the league in the Angels. After suffering through a rainout earlier in the season, this battle now was the final regular season game of the year for these two teams. I think that our kids were ready for the season to be over (at least a little bit), as they didn't seem to have their "A" game with them today. Drew struggled at the plate today, going hitless in his three at-bats. He played both second and first base while in the field, and he seemed to hold his own with the exception of an overthrown ball that he couldn't corral at first. Unfortunately for the Dodgers, when the game ended they were on the wrong end of a 14-3 score.

Game 6 - vs. Angels

Drew playing in the field at second base.

Drew was looking for a solid hit during his first at-bat...

...but he could only manage a swing and miss.

Drew looking for a throw from the outfield to hold the runner at second base.

Drew throwing the ball back to the pitcher.

Drew swinging at a high pitch...

...and following through...

...but just missing the ball.

Drew playing first base later in the game.

Drew moving to catch a throw to first...

...that wound up sailing over his head.

Drew on first base once again.

Drew snagging a throw to first.

Drew was getting antsy, looking for a hit in his third and final at-bat of the game.

Drew swung at a good pitch, but just barely missed the ball.


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