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May 19th, 2014              

    Today's game was one of the most exciting games I have seen in a long time. Despite some questionable moves (I'd call it borderline cheating, but that's just me - batting out of order, stealing bases early, etc.), the Dodgers managed to hold on for a tie in a 9-9 ball game. Drew made some nice plays, both in the field and at the plate today, as did several of his teammates. They did a great job catching fly balls today, even surprising themselves in the process. Drew managed to throw a runner out at first base while playing second, and he got a single that he might have been able to stretch into a double, so he did his part today. Despite not winning, it was a great job all around today!

Game 8 - at Tigers

Drew ready to knock the cover off the baseball.

Drew swinging for the fences.

Drew ducking under a pitch.

Drew heading to first base after drawing a walk.

Drew stealing second base.

Drew standing safely on second base.

Drew scooping up a grounder.

Drew throwing the ball back to the pitcher.

Drew ready for action at second base.

Drew looking to get a hit.



No goose... Drew managed to avoid being hit by these inside pitches.

Drew was waiting for a throw to second as an opposing player steals the base.

Drew found a good pitch to hit...

...made good contact with it...

...and cruised in for a long single.

Drew made his way to second base.

Drew was ready for fly while waiting on second base.

Drew took off at the crack of the bat...

...rounded third base...

...and came home to score!


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