Playoff Game 1

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June 16th, 2014              


    Like their final regular season game, Drew and his Dodgers teammates didn't seem to have their hearts into their first playoff game. Though they had earned the #4 seed and the right to face the #5 seed Cardinals, they never appeared to be the stronger team today. The entire team struggled to get good contact with the ball while batting, and while they fielded their positions well they were unable to get the key outs needed to prevent the Cardinals from walking away with a 9-2 victory, ending the Dodgers season. While it didn't end the way anyone wanted it to, it was a productive season overall with lots of kids playing their first season at the minor league level. Next year should be a season to remember!

Playoff Game 1 - vs. Cardinals

Drew in the field at second base.

Drew moving across the field after his team issued a walk.

Drew scooping up a low throw as the runner makes it safely to second base.

Drew throwing the ball back to the pitcher.

Drew swinging the bat during his first trip to the plate.

Drew swinging over the baseball.

Drew's follow through.

Drew expressing some frustration in the field.

Drew yelling direction to his teammates in the outfield.

Drew was anxious for his teammates to get the ball into the infield.

Drew looking for his first hit of the game.


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