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March 1st, 2014              

    The second game of the day was much like the first game, with the kids seemingly refusing to work together on the court and insisting on doing it all by themselves. This was especially troublesome as our opponent for the day got off to a hot start, putting us into a big deficit early. Although they battled back to make the game close, they ran out of time in their comeback attempt, settling for second place with their 18-15 loss.

    All in all it was a great season, with 6 victories against the one loss. It's just too bad that the loss came in the most important game of the season!

Playoff Finals Game - vs. Hungry Howies Pizza Team #4

Drew dribbling the ball up the court.

Drew inbounding the ball to a teammate.

Drew moving in for a rebound on a free throw attempt.

Drew chasing after his man on defense.

Drew playing defense.

Drew doing his best to keep up with the opposing team's best player on defense.

Drew keeping his eyes on the ball.

Drew playing pressure defense.

Drew with his arms up on defense.

Drew trying to block a shot on defense.

Drew running down the court.

Drew lined up on an inbounds play.

Drew watching as his teammate attempts a free throw.

Drew playing defense once again.

Drew doing his best to steal the basketball.

Drew and his teammates lined up to accept their second place t-shirts with Tyler standing next to him.


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