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January 11th, 2014              

    I honestly didn't know what to expect from this team as we headed into our first game together. We had only been able to hold a total of three practices prior to today, and Drew and I were only able to attend two of those due to hockey commitments. Things were looking mighty shaky during our first scrimmage the night before, so I wasn't expecting a lot today. Thankfully the kids knew what to do (for the most part - there were still plenty of kids wanting to play full court defense, which isn't allowed for the majority of the game) and they put what we had taught them into practice. Drew played pretty well for the most part, but he does need to work on rebounding and conditioning. The whole team played good defense, and we were able to score just enough points to earn an 18-15 victory in our first game!

    Just a quick reminder that Drew is wearing #6 this season.

Game 1 - at STPR Team #6

Drew and his teammates heading back up the court to play defense.

Drew keeping an eye on the ball as he heads down the court.

Drew ready for a rebound as his teammate takes a shot.

Drew watching the action take place across the lane.

Drew trying to stick with his man on defense.

Drew heading back on defense.

Drew staying with his man on defense.

Drew watching as his teammates battle for a loose ball.

Drew heading down the court on offense.

The final score was an 18-15 victory for the Holly Foods team!


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