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January 18th, 2014              

    Drew and his teammates had to arrive at the gym for an early game on the morning of July 18th, as they had the 8:00am game against the Hungry Howies team. While the team still has a ways to go, they played a good game on both ends of the court. Drew managed to score his first 2 points of the season on a put-back shot in the lane, and he played better on defense today as well. In fact, the whole team did better - not as many attempts at the full court press, most everyone hustled back on defense - it was good to see. The best thing to see was the scoreboard after the game, as Drew and his teammates pulled out a 22-14 victory, moving them to 2-0 on the season!

Game 2 - vs. Hungry Howies Pizza Team #4

Drew lined up on defense at the beginning of the game.

Drew guarding his man on an inbounds play.

Drew getting a drink of water during a timeout.

Drew watching as his teammate puts his hands up while reaching for the ball.

Drew sticking with his man on defense as an opposing player moves past with the ball.

Drew playing tight defense... the only problem is that he is behind the man he is guarding!

Drew doing his best not to commit a foul.

Drew keeping an eye on the ball on defense.

Drew watching as players scramble for the loose ball.

The final score of this morning's game was a 22-14 victory for the Holly Foods team!


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