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February 1st, 2014              

    After missing last weeks game due to a hockey playoff game, Drew returned to the basketball court today to face the Hot Shots Photography team. I don't know what the records are of the teams that we face each week, but I believe that this was one of the better teams in the league. I wasn't sure that our boys would be able to come away with a victory, but as things worked out they played an excellent all-around game. They did a great job of passing the ball to each other, as well as playing good defense and rebounding the ball. There was a period late in the game that I thought the guy who runs the league (and occasionally refs games) was trying to make us lose (he was calling fouls against us that the other team could have and should have been called for as well), but the kids managed to hang on for a 22-17 victory! The Holly Foods team is now 4-0 on the season, with one final game remaining. Drew didn't score today, but he did an excellent job playing defense and rebounding. He even dribbled the ball up the court a few times today!

Game 4 - vs. Hot Shots Photography Team #3

Drew moving around on offense, looking for a pass from a teammate.

Drew dribbling the ball up the court...

...and looking for someone to pass to.

Drew watching a teammates shot fall through the net.

Drew helping out on defense.

Drew lined up on the lane as a teammate attempts a free throw.

Drew playing man to man defense.

Drew guarding an inbounds play.

Drew dribbling the ball up the court once again.

Drew getting ready to inbounds the ball...

...with a pass to a teammate.

Drew bringing the ball across the half-court line.


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