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March 1st, 2014              

    Having three weeks between games may not have been the best thing for the boys when it comes to basketball. It appeared that when they were out on the court that they had completely forgotten how to work together as a team... suddenly they had devolved into trying to do it all by themselves, with minimal passing and no running of the plays that got them to this point in the season. Thankfully we had some strong individual performances and we were able to overcome the selfish play, winning the game 17-14, moving the kids into the finals game later this afternoon.

    Drew did a pretty good job playing defense today, even though he was typically guarding a smaller faster player. He also had a pretty good game rebounding, so his contributions definitely were a positive.

Playoff Semi-Finals Game - vs. Hot Shots Photography Team #3

Drew and a teammate waiting to check into the game in the second half.

Drew with his man on defense.

Drew holding on to the ball after making a steal...

...and turning up the court with the ball...

...and passing the ball to a teammate.

Drew moving to help out on defense.

Drew waiting for a rebound on a free throw attempt.

Drew running down the court looking for a pass.

Drew with his arms up playing defense.

Tyler got the honor of refereeing his little brother's game.

Drew waiting for another free throw rebound.

Drew dribbling up the court after grabbing a rebound...

...and keeping his head up while looking for an open teammate.

The final score, a 17-14 victory to move the team to the finals!


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