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April 19th, 2014              

    Although Jayden had been bugging Tara to dye Easter eggs for several days, we finally found the time to do so after her soccer game on the day before Easter. For the most part it went pretty smoothly, with only a few disagreements about waiting for a certain dye color creeping up from time to time. The kids enjoyed themselves, even though I bet they wish that they had more eggs for each of them to decorate... I can only eat so any hard boiled eggs though!

Easter Egg Dying

Samantha, Drew, Tyler, and Jayden getting set to dye the eggs for Easter.

Another shot of the kids waiting to dye their eggs.

The four kids working on dying their Easter eggs.

Jayden smiling for a picture while waiting for her egg to finish in the dye.

Sam concentrating on her artwork.

Tyler creating a design for an egg.

Drew scooping an egg out of the dye.


April 20th, 2014              

    Even though the kids woke up early today in anticipation of seeing what was left behind in their Easter baskets, they were kind enough to let Tara & I sleep in for a while. When we did get up, the kids scoured through their baskets while Tara & I made breakfast. From their it was a day of enjoying too much candy and checking out their gifts.

Easter Morning

The kids Easter baskets arranged on the table.

Drew's basket contained a couple of Lego sets.

Jayden got a Disney castle made of Legos in her basket.

Samantha also got Legos, a "Friends" set to go along with some she got at Christmas.

Tyler got two gift cards this year - one for Amazon and one for a shoe store so that he can continue to grow his budding shoe business empire!

Sam showing off her Easter basket.

Tyler holding up his gift cards as well as his basket.

Jay was proud of her new castle.

Drew had a tough time stacking his boxes together for this picture!


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