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June 23rd, 2014              

    Although I was hoping to secure a Corvette or Camaro or some other sporty car for a week in summer, I was unable to do so. I had to settle for a 2014 Buick Regal, which is a fine car but not quite the one I was hoping for. Once I managed to get over the disappointment of my lack of success, I learned to appreciate driving the Regal. It was reasonably luxurious and peppy, although not exactly what I would call fast. We had no problem seating 5 inside, but anybody taller than me would have difficulty with the sloping roofline in the back. This particular didn't come with a window sticker, so I was left to try and figure out the price on my own (somewhere between $33-$34,000). While this is really more than I would want to spend, it was much cheaper to the Regal that I would want to purchase (the Regal GS, which would be closer to $40,000). While this car was nice, I couldn't really see Tara & I owning one. For less money we could get a Chevrolet Cruze or Malibu, which are both more in line with our budget. While the mileage was nice at 26.3MPG for the week, I was really hoping for closer to 30. I am sure that the AWD feature didn't help, and this is something that I would have absolutely no interest in having on my own car. And I can honestly say that nothing really stood out to me while driving this car, either positively or negatively. I suppose that is good, but not something that I want to say about something that I am spending that much of my hard earned money on.

2014 Buick Regal T AWD

The rear three-quarter view of the Regal.

The side view of the Regal.

The front three-quarter view of the Regal.

The front view of the Regal.

A quick look at the back seat shows that it has decent room, but it is difficult to see the lack of headroom for anyone over 6' tall.

The trunk was quite spacious, and would have no problems fitting Drew's hockey equipment inside.

This model featured a Turbocharged engine and all-wheel drive.

The driver side seating area.

The center console was nice, but there were some quirks with the radio that bothered me (namely that the presets screen didn't change as you scrolled through them).

The cup holders were too close together to fit two drinks in them without them hitting each other (perhaps bottles or cans would work, but not fast food cups).

The steering wheel controls are much different that what I'm used to, but took no time at all to get familiar with.

26.3MPG over 371.2 miles - not too shabby... and the range when full was over 500 miles! We never see that in the Enclave or the truck!


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