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April 12th, 2014              

    A sudden storm moved through the area on Saturday, April 12th. We were preparing to leave for dinner when the storm hit, so I took some pictures while waiting for the hail to end. When the weather finally let up, we headed out only to encounter downed trees blocking our roadway. Here are a few pictures from the storm and it's aftermath.

Spring Hail Storm

The hail covering our driveway and the road.

The wind was whipping around pretty violently, keeping the flags at attention.

The front lawn was also covered in hail.

Another look at the hail covered driveway.

Looking towards the road, the rain started blowing the hail off of the driveway.

The hail and rain pelting the truck.

Another shot of the lawn covered in hail.

A downed tree blocking the southbound lane of traffic.

A downed tree against the guardrail on the southbound side of the road.

A tree leaning over the roadway.

This downed tree completely blocked the road in both directions.


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