Jayden's 8th Birthday

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November 29th, 2014              

    Jayden decided that this year would be a good year for her to have a birthday party with her friends, and the Rollhaven Skate & Fun Center was her choice of locations. She invited several of her friends from school as well as a couple of family friends as well. Add in siblings, and it turned out to be quite a party! Jay enjoyed skating with her friends, as well as playing on the bounce house. As the birthday girl she even got a turn in the money machine, where she scored $4.00 and several coupons that she can use on her future visits. The kids all enjoyed a couple of slices of pizza before singing "Happy Birthday" to Jay and watching her open her presents. Jay wants to say "Thank You!" to everyone who came to celebrate her special day with her!

Jayden's Birthday Party

Jayden skating with her friend Jenna.

Samantha making her way around the rink (and towards the camera).

Dani taking advantage of the skate-assists while her dad Brian skates nearby.

This is how the older kids spent a majority of their time.

Jay and her friends on the rink floor playing a game.

Jay and a friend on the rink floor for the "Chicken Dance".

Jay speeding around the rink.

Drew flying past the camera.

Elizabeth and Sam making their way around the rink.

Another shot of Jayden going around on her skates.

Tara helping pour drinks for the kids before they eat.

The birthday party attendees enjoying their lunch.

Another shot of the kids eating.

Jay inside of the money machine.

Jay doing her best to corral the flying money and coupons.

Jay snagged some of the money by tilting her head down and letting it get caught on her face!

Jay handing her haul over to Tara for counting and safe-keeping.

Jay keeping an eye on her birthday cupcakes.

Jay was all smiles as her friends sang her "Happy Birthday".

Jay getting ready to blow out the candles.

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