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April 19th, 2014              

    Jayden's first soccer game didn't go exactly as planned, as her team struggled to find the back of the net until late in the game. Despite going into halftime scoreless, the Wolves (as they voted to be called this spring) allowed three second half goals. It wasn't until late in the game that one of Jay's teammates found the back of the net with the ball to avoid the shutout, as the girls fell by a score of 3-1. Jay played pretty well overall today, as she was able to dribble the ball down the field consistently. She didn't have any luck getting off any quality shots, but not for a lack of effort. She was forced into action in goal when her teammate took a shot to the face (made worse by the fact that she wears glasses - ouch!), forcing her to come out of the game. She did allow one goal, but she was out trying to make a save and got caught from the backside of the goal on the play. Overall, not a bad game, and she had fun on the field, which is what matters most!

AYSO Game 1 - at U8 Girls #3

Jayden dribbling the ball away from the crowd.

Jay dribbling the ball in the open.

Another picture of Jay leading the pack with the ball.

Jay lining up a kick.

Jay driving towards the net...

...and trying to make a move around a defender...

...before attempting to get the ball between her opponents legs.

Jay passing the ball ahead to a teammate.

Jay doing a sideline throw-in.

Another throw-in for Jayden.

Jay driving the ball down the field.

Jay doing her best to turn the ball around in the middle of the field.

Jay and a teammate attacking the goal.

Jay trying to get a shot on goal.

Jay getting in position while playing defense.

Jayden giving a thumbs up while playing in goal.

Jay getting in position for a save.

Jay throwing the ball to a teammate after making a save in goal.

Jay driving the ball over midfield.


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